Sage & Roses Smudge Wand

1 Smudge Wand – Organic White Sage from California, with Rose Petals and Rose Quartz Crystal.


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Sage & Roses Smudge Wand

Our ‘Sage & Roses Smudge Wands’ are so aromatic and lovely, you may find yourself belting out a verse of, “Oh, sweet sage of mine!” (#witchypun)

These beautiful, handmade sage wands are the perfect vibrational match for love workings or new home cleansings, and they make thoughtful housewarming gifts. They’re made of fresh, fragrant, Organic White Sage from California, and wrapped with Rose Petals and a Rose Quartz Crystal, the pink stone that corresponds with the heart chakra and is known for enhancing self-love, healing trust and harmony in relationships, and attracting new romance.

This item contains (1) one 4″-5″ Smudge Wand made of Organic White Sage from California, with Rose Petals and one Rose Quartz Crystal. Exact size and shape of wand and crystal will vary.


We recommend adding these to your love altar (they smell wonderful even without burning), giving them as a house-warming gift, or burning them in your spiritual cleansing rituals. The crystal can be removed before using or left as part of the “handle”.

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