About S A G E + C R Y S T A L

We are an online witch shop located in Tucson, AZ, run by an eclectic witch and her “Kitty Coven” of three. We sell Magickal Tools and Handmade Spell Potions, including: Sage Smudge Spray, Rich Witch Money Drawing Mist, Van-Van Hoodoo Oil, and more. All of S A G E + C R Y S T A L ’s magical creations are carefully researched, developed, and tested to be both useful and enjoyable. I mindfully source my ingredients and use organic or 100% natural elements whenever possible. Not only do I have extremely sensitive skin and multiple fragrance allergies myself–so I get it!–but also I share my home with three rescue kitties. I never sell anything that I haven’t first used successfully myself. So whether you’re a busy witch yourself, or you’re a “magick-friendly” explorer, we take extra care to be sure you’ll be delighted with every order from us. ♥

Please feel free to contact us with any questions before making a purchase. 

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