Sage & Crystal is an online witchy shop located in Tucson, AZ, offering seasonal, small-batch collections of curated & handcrafted magical treasures, brought to you by @magicalveela of This site officially launched in August, 2020, with our first magical item: ‘The Psychic Hotline Love Oracle Deck’, created by @magicalveela. New items coming soon: big pentagram earrings; black witchy sundress; Sage Smudge Spray; and ‘Rich Witch Money Drawing Mist’. Check back often to see the latest releases.

NEWEST ITEM: Our First Oracle Deck!

The Psychic Hotline Love Oracle Deck

The Psychic Hotline Love Oracle

This deck was designed by a professional reader for professional readers, but itโ€™s so easy, anyone can use it! The cards have all the definitions right on the faces, so there is no booklet included and no memorizing needed. This is a very chatty deck and so easy even a beginner can use them immediately!

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