Sage Smudge Spray Magick Mist


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Sage Smudge Spray is a part of a line I created called “Magick Mists”. Magick Mists are blends of essential and fragrance oils in an alcohol-free carrier base, that deliver a fine mist safe for body, room, and linens. Each variety of Magick Mist was carefully crafted for a specific intention and purpose.

The purpose of the Sage Smudge Spray Magick Mist is to purify the vibrational energy of a space and/or body without the smoke of incense or burning sage. (Also, some people just enjoy the earthy, herbal smell of the natural essential oils.)

My handmade “Sage Smudge Spray” is a natural room or linen spray, and can be safely used on the body as a perfume or smokeless “smudger”.

This listing is for 1 – 4oz. Spray Bottle. Your Sage Smudge Spray comes in an Amber plastic bottle, with a black pump mister and clear cap, as shown.

Bonus: Your bottle will also be tied with a small charm (see the pics) and contain a tiny quartz crystal that has been energy-charged for extra clearing power. It’s like a little prize! Be sure to save it when you’ve emptied the bottle.

Made with Organic Sage Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, and Organic Rosemary Essential Oil. All herbs used for centuries by many cultures because of their purifying and clearing properties. And they smell wonderful!

Unlike most other “sage sprays”, ours contains more Sage Essential Oil, which gives it a top note of woodsy, earthy SAGE. (Organic Sage Essential oil is more expensive than lavender or rosemary oils, so it’s often used in smaller doses when blending.) In our spray, the lavender and rosemary are more of a base note. We deliberately developed the sage spray this way because its purpose is to serve as a smokeless smudge spray, not necessarily a perfume.

Sage Smudge Spray is a handmade, natural room or linen spray, and can be safely used on the body as a perfume. (When using on your body for the first time, do a small skin patch to test your reaction to the essential oils, and always avoid your eyes.) Phthalate free. Does not contain alcohol or coloring.

SHAKE BEFORE EVERY USE to disperse and activate the essential oils.

***All of our products were developed by a practicing witch and have been blessed during their creation. However, please note that magickal results are not guaranteed. ***


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