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Ritual Color Correspondences

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A handy short-list of the most common color correspondences (or “influences”) in magick, for use when choosing ritual candles, altar cloths, clothing, and so on.

ritual candle color correspondences |
Multi-Color Magick Ritual Candles + A Natural Beeswax Votive

Practical Magick Tip:

Your intention is what matters most. In a pinch, you can always use whatever color you have on hand. I find it helpful to keep a supply of natural beeswax votive candles (uncolored) in stock, as well as some small candles in black and white, because they can be used for any purpose. If you’d like, scratch a word or symbol that represents your spell intention (such as a heart for love or the word “reconcile” to patch things up with a friend or lover) in the side of the candle before lighting it.


Extremely powerful color to use; absorbs and removes negativity; repels dark magic; banishing, especially banishing evil; reverse, uncross, release, break up blocks; removing hexes; grief; parting; letting go; binding; protection.


Medium and royal blue are the element of water; emotions; safe travels. Royal blue for loyalty, group success and occult power. Light blue is the element of air. Light blue for inspiration, wisdom, truth, inner peace, harmony in the home. Blue is associated with the direction of West.


The element of earth. Earth elementals, communicating with nature spirits, grounding, balance, earth energies, hearth and home.

Gold (metallic):

Represents The God; the sun; solar magick; masculinity; victory; overcoming; honor; ambition; success; power; prosperity; higher intuition; good fortune; quick money.


The element of earth. Wealth and money; prosperity; luck; success and achievement; healing and health; growth; earth magick; nature and garden spells; fertility; marriage; balancing an unstable situation. Associated with the direction of North.


Major changes; encouragement; confidence; warmth; enthusiasm; activity; energy; creativity; joy; the harvest; fertility; attracting what you need or want.


Romantic love; friendship; warm family; goodness; peace; sweetness; forgiveness; sleep.


Intuition; spirituality; spiritual power and development; spiritual healing; invoking spirits; higher psychic ability; connecting with higher realms; wisdom; dream work; general protection; success; progress; fame and promotion; happiness.


The element of fire. Passion; sexual energy; passionate love; anger; heat; confidence and courage; strength; energy; protection against being attacked. Associated with the direction of South.


Represents The Goddess; the moon; moon magick; femininity; psychic development; divination; astral work; insight.


Neutral color that can be used for anything; cleansing; truth; purity; protection.


Element of air; communication; creativity; ideas; mental clarity; strengthening the intellect; knowledge; studying; business ventures; counseling; happiness; optimism; associated with the direction of East.

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