Nefertari’s Tarot Deck


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Nefertari’s Tarots Deck

*There is only one of these decks and it is gently pre-owned.* This tarot deck is part of a collection of pre-owned magical items that I am selling here on the site. Please read the description and view the photos for specifics about the condition. Note that all sales on this site are final.

This Nefertari’s Tarots deck is gorgeous, especially if you are a fan of ancient Egyptology. This item includes the original box, 78 tarot cards, 2 informational cards, and the original instruction leaflet (which contains brief card definitions only).

Style: The backs of these cards are a simple, black & white pattern of the Eye of Horus. However, the fronts are full color depictions of Ancient Egypt artwork, complete with gold foil backgrounds and embellishments. It really is a stunning deck. Each of the cards includes a number on the face, as well as the title in four different languages (including English). Because Ancient Egyptian artwork was used, the illustrations vary significantly from traditional tarot symbology. Therefore, I would suggest this deck for experienced readers only. (Unless, of course, you have particular resonance with Egyptian symbolism.)

Cards are traditional tarot size with a good weight to the stock. Deck was published by Lo Scarabeo.

Condition: Package has been opened and cards unwrapped. All cards and leaflet are included. I do not see any scuffs, soiling or other issues with the cards. There is some scuffing on the outside of the box. Cards are traditional tarot card size.

Description from Amazon:

Tarot Nefertari (Multilingual Edition)

Nefertari, the bride of Ramses II, assisted her husband in the temporal ruling of Egypt. During her incredible life, she witnessed the great expansion of her country and enjoyed the worship of her devoted husband. Upon her death, Ramses built Nefertari a stunning sepulcher that remains almost intact to the present day. This deck recreates the atmosphere and symbology so loved by Nefertari-who is considered the Light of Egypt and a symbol of the most beautiful aspects of this elegant and sophisticated civilization. The typical two-dimensional Egyptian artwork is given incredible life and luminosity by the rich, patterned gold foil background. Drawing upon the fascination and mystery of Egyptian culture, Alasia has created a beautiful deck that is also practical for divinatory purposes.

In this particular manual, pages 1-14 (or the first seven pages) are in English and the rest of the manual is in four other languages. The index inside the cover page of the manual indicates the page number of the different languages. The manual only has a certain number of pages devoted to English; the rest of the manual is written in other languages, Italian being the next one listed, starting on page 15.

Deck is currently priced at $45.61 new from Amazon and $76.75 used.

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